Light VAL DTK "Ranger"

Manufacturer: D63
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


This is light VAL DTK "Ranger". It's unique, because it's weight is only 250 gramm vs 760 (3 times more light!) on base VAL from NPO AEG or LCT! 

It's making your AEG much more mobil, much lighter and provide balance and weight like on original AS VAL. With this silencer you can feel yourself like a real Russian Army GRU operator :)

Works with LCT or NPO AEG after light modification (can be made in home, no need to visit master). Doesn't include iron sight, you can use base one. 

Weight: 250 gramm

Material:  D16T .

Made in Russia.

Only for Airsoft!

Suitable for Airsoft LCT, NPO AEG and similar.