Aluminum Tappet Plate CNC

Manufacturer: BullGear
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available


High-qualilty aluminium tappet from Russian manufacturer. Experienced airsoft players also take care of high precision shooting and durable bullets upload, cause your emotions and your game`s quality certainly depends on that. Tapet influence directly on the placement of the bullet in hop-up chamber, determines the precision and the temp of fired burst. Standart tappet,made of plastic, doesn`t assure the necessary durable and stable upload due to the softness of the material. Some time after standart tappet starts to get deformations, which become worst in future. The only right way to solve this problem- usage of tappet, which was manufactured by CNC machining of aluminium, so what`s why there won`t be any deformations`which will interrupt the fonctionning of your AEG
Manufactured by CNC machining of aluminium, competible with rifles and machineguns with tuning. Durable construction assures the absence of any defects or deformations while functionning. Available for V2(M4) and V3(AK) GearBox. 

Made in Russia