Knife "Glock-78" replica

Manufacturer: Predator
Product Code: rubber knife replica
Stock Status: Available


High-quality , whole-casted, replica of famous Glock-78 model, developed by worldwide well-known Austrian manufacturer, has all authentic markings. This knife proved its usage convinience, high efficency and usablility and became an integral part of SF units equipment all over the world, even in Russian SF. Compact, light, user friendly - what else will be the best variant for your SF operator loadout? Includes holster for belt(till 6cm wideness) and knife itself. The replica is made of high-durable plastic and polymeric materials.
Airsoft safe. Can be used as training knife on Airsoft. Blade made of rubber too.

Operational temperatures from +90 C till -50C.
The kit consists of a knife and sheath.
100% authentic and looks like original one.
It`s training knife, not real combat knife!

Made in Russia.