SRVV "Aspis Simplex"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: Vest
Stock Status: Available


Tactical Armor Carrier ASPIS SIMPLEX fits SAPI/Granit plates
● Fully covered with M.O.L.L.E. webbing for any pouch configurations.
● Adjustable in height on the shoulders with tape 50 mm and Velcro and in volume on the back with six buckles and tape 25 mm.
● High quality lining 3D mesh of 9 mm thickness for ventilation in front and on back.
● Ceramic plates can be inserted to the inner pockets and adjusted in height with velcro
● Kevlar can be inserted to the inner pockets
● 3D mesh on shoulders and around neck
● Ballistic shoulders and groin protector are available separately
● Possibility for fixing a wire intercom
● Handle for transportation

Fits plates not larger than 35 cm x 29 cm

Available in sizes: M (48-52) and L (54-58)

Quantity, type and place of pouches will be determined by you depending on your tactical task. You can use any pouches acceptable for M.O.L.L.E system on the vest.
Materials used:
● CORDURA® 1000D
● YKK STOCKO® plastic buckles
● COATS® threads
● 3D mesh

Weight of the vest without plates: 1020 g
Weight of the vest with 2 ceramic plates Korslet: 7420 g