Suit Gorka "Recruit"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   "Recruit" Gorka suit is a standard demiseason suit with the hood. The suit like this will be good choice for the beginners.Fits well for airsoft or hiking. This suit is a good choice for the starter kit.

    It's made from cheaper material, than Gorka E, or Gorka Federal, but still durable and great for airsoft. If you looking for your first gorka and want something durable and affordable - it's your choice.

    The main difference between this gorka and gorka Federal is in reiforcement material (it have not very high water resist), and overall quality (for example, it doesn't have velcro panels).

1. Standard Gorka-type suit.
2. The kit includes jacket, trousers and suspenders.
3. Good suit for the Starter Kit.


Weight: 1.5kg