Plate Carrier "Sherp"

Manufacturer: Bastion
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   Plate carriers became popular among military and airsoft players due to their high wearing comfort, modularity, functionality and good protection. This type of vest allows you to actively move and carry not too much weight.

   Sherp plate carrier by Bastion is a simplified version of a plate carrier with the required minimum of functionality. Plate covers easily open and room Granite or SAPI plates. Also, the vest doesn’t have a classic cummberband and is completely fastened with fastexes. There is a 3D mesh for greater wearing comfort.

   Such solutions make it simple and reliable, and the presence of MOLLE allows you to effectively use it with any equipment.

1. Easy to place plates.
2. Thoughtful design.
3. Quick release possible.                    

Cordura 100D

Weight: 650 gram

Compatibility with Plates