Pistol Pouch "Uhvat Small"

Manufacturer: Raid Gear & MBC
Product Code: Pouch
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In a lot of cases as SF operatives, as IPSC players and airsofters pay attention to the combination of the next 3 factors,like:
1. Hard mag's fixation into the pouch to avoid its loss.
2. Mag's fast removal from the pouch and pouch capacity to be transformed into fast-mag pouch.
3.  Durability of both pouch itself and it's elements .

But unfortunately not a lot of pouches might fit this requirements and the challenge has been accepted by MBC LLC, who developed and represented "Seize" pouch.

This pouch is produced with usage of laser-cut technology which provides more durability to the construction.

The pouch flapper may be adjusted due to user's preferations , may be fixed on velcro in 3 different positions and its allow to remove the pouch similar fast as in case with opened-type fast mag pouches , where mag fixation is executed with hard type rails or elastic bands.
As a result, the mag fixed hard, may be removed very fast and besides that the pouch is very light due to the construction`s peculiarities!

And also, you may use it for multitool or flashlight!

1. Hard mag fixation and fast removal capacity.
2. May be modified to fastmag very easy.
3. Lower weight due to skeleton type construction.
4. Plastic rails absence.
5. Mag fixation hardness may be adjusted.
6. High durability
7. Special insertions at flappers, which allow to open them in gloves or in cold weather easier.
8. May be also used for multitool or flashlight

Cordura 1000D

Weight: 30 gramm.