PVC Patch "In Arms"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: patch
Stock Status: Available



When you buying any modern suit, it's usually have velcro panels. And it's really big headache, what to attach on this panel :) 

That's why we have special category of funny patches. 

Patch "In Arms". NOTE! Doesn't include hairless dude from original video :(

1. Funny Patch
2. High durability, tear- and color loss-resistant
3. Unique iPVC® technology
4. Plastic crocket velcro.

This patch is made with usage of the unique iPVC® technology, developed by Mordor Tac.

PVC base is made of special military usage developed material. Increased durability and tear-resistance, has NIR signature.

Has high-quality plastic velcro (up to 10000 opening\closing circles), attached with glue.

Size: 90x25 mm
Weight: 0,01 kg (size M)
Volume weight: 0,01 kg (size M)