Red Dot "Kobra Lastochka"

Manufacturer: Aksion
Product Code: spare part
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Cobra Red Dot sight- now in Grey Shop!

EKP-1S-03 “Cobra” red dot sights are widely famous not only in Russia, but also worldwide!

This type of sight is well-known among different Russian SF units for its durability and characteristics and it is highly respectable for it.
Besides that,this sight is well-known worldwide, because it appeared in a lot of computer games. (Like Arma 2, Battlefield, etc.) .

This sight is designed especially for weapon with Soviet\Russia-type optic mounts at the left side of weapon`s receiver.

Uses LT14250 В5 или CR2 battery, may be changed to the similar one (not included in kit).

Supply kit:

Red Dot sight, Wipe for Optic,Wrench screwdriver,Instruction, Case.

Technical data:

Aiming range: Within target detection distance.
Line of sight: Unlimited.

Reflector light transmission coefficient: 0,6.

The angular size of the "Red Dot "- type aiming mark , min: 1,8.

Red dot brightness levels quantity: 16.

Power supply,V: 3.

Non-stop functioning time(with medium brightness and Red Dot mark),hours: 70.

Operating temperatures, °С: from -40C till +50C.

Body parts made from ABS plastic

Sizes, MM: 144 x 66 x 144.

Weight, grams: 410.