Rail for SVD "B-40/41"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



B-40 and B-41 upper and lower rails are created especially for SVD and suitable only for usage with plastic forends. What are the distinctions between them?

B-40 lower rail with 14,5 cm length provides user with additional RIS interface and allows to mount various specified and general accessories and equipment, like bipods, flashlights etc.

B-41 upper rail with 20 cm length allows to install laser pointer different additional sniper equipment and lot of other stuff, useful for precise shooting.


Suitable only for PLASTIC, not WOOD forend!

1. Provides additional RIS interface for SVD tuning.

2. You can install different stuff, useful for precise shooting.

3. Well-known ZenitCo quality.

4.Created especially for SVD plastic forend.

D-16T aluminium alloy with additional protective liner.



14,5 cm.


20 cm.

Weight: 60 gram.