Sportswear "Gop Tac"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: Suit
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Gop Tac is a tactical sportwear!

Gop-Tac sportswear allows you not only to be cheeki-breeki ,but also to hide at all terrain types in preferable camo type. Gop-Tac suit is made of high quality materials and furniture in different camo patterns, which gives to this model advantages in comparison with other models. The suit does not constrain movements, has a spacious cut and can be used not only as a tracksuit, but also for various airsoft events (for example, playing for terrorists, gangsters, robbers or civilians\rebels in scenario games), and of course it`s suitable for daily wear.

The contact tape placed on the sleeve stripes allows you to place various patches on it .

There is also one more advantage - the suit made of high-quality fabric which is more durable to mud or dust.

Gop-Tac suit -Be tacticool.Be cheeki-breeki.

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1. Made in different camo patterns.
2. Suitable bothly for airsoft events, sports and daily usage.
3. You can attach patcehs on it.
4. Stylish and unique design.
5. High-quality and botly dust and mud-resistant fabric.
6. High quality fitting.

Blended fabric,density 120 g / m.,components:

35% cotton
65% polyester


Tractor-type zipper.

Weight: 1 kilogram.