Lightweight Buttstock "Baskak"

Manufacturer: Armacon
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



  We all love big guns, but big guns mean great recoil. Stock is the thing, necessary for all rifles and something with bigger caliber. It must be light, durable, convinient and laconic. "Armacon" LLC produced such a great rifle stock, called "Baskak" - light tube stock with well -thought construction.

  Stock assembly weights 250 gram and the main mass is concentrated in the rear part of the stock and it impacts positive at the weapon`s balance.

  "Baskak" stock is made of aluminium\copper\magnesium alloy(duralumin),rear part is made of polymer.

  The total length of the stock is 250 mm, but it may be adapted for user's preferations and cutted with usage of 3 preliminary markings with 10mm wideness.

  Outer stock layer is damage resistant and bothly non-heat conductive, which is important in cold weather.

  The inner space of the stock may be used for small items containment, like batteries, clean&care kit, etc.

  It`s well-recommended in usage with 12 caliber weapons and 7,62x54.

1. Provides better weapon's balance.
2. May be adjusted certainly for user's preferences.
3. You may contain any small items in inner part of the stock. 
4. Durable and high-quality materials.
5. Suitable for firearms with grand caliber.

  • Material: Duralumin.

  • Length: 250 mm.
  • Weight: 180 gram.