DTK-1 "Crown"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



Standard flashiders sometimes don't suit the requirements of professionals.

“ZenitCo” LLC flashiders are worldwide famous not only for outstanding quality and characteristics, but also for the fact of usage in different Russian SF units. They`ll be good attachment for your AEG if you would like to reenact such kind of units.

This version is calling "Crown", because have a "Crown" for breaking windows during FSB or Police Raids and hand-to-hand fight. 

1. High quality and durability.
2. Operational in different Russian law enforcement units.
3. Has 3 versions:
   Standard version compatible:
AK-74\74M\103\104\105 series.
   “L”-version compatible: ONLY with AKM\AKMS series.
   “P”-version compatible: ONLY with PK\PKM\PKP machinegun series. Installed at 18x 1,5 thread(left)



Weight: 140 gram

Standard: 24 Right (+)
L Version: 14 Left (-)
P Version: 19 left (-)