Polymer Backing on AKS-74 "A-2"

Manufacturer: Predator
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



Predator Gear A-2 buttstock is designed especially with the goal to improve AKS-74\AKS-74U assault rifles ergomy. Making the standard AKS-74\AKS-74U stock more user-friendly is the main task of this model.

As a result, A-2 buttstock makes aiming and shooting more convenient and allows not to pay attention at the problem of shoulder-incomfortable stock.

How to install it:

1. Place two buttstock mounts at the inner rear side of the stock.

2. Place the buttstock from the stock`s outer side. 

3. Check the proper matching of buttstock and mounts holes.

4. Connect them with usage of the screws.

1. Increase standard AKS-74/AKS-74U Ergonomy.                                                     
2. Makes aiming and shooting more convenient.
3. Simple and durable installation.    


High-dyrable polymer

Weight: 160 gram