Chestrig TV-101 "Kochevnik"

Manufacturer: Wartech
Product Code: Vest
Stock Status: Available



   In certain circumstances, carrying ammunition on the warbelt can be inconvenient (for example, when you are in a car) or wearing a body armor equipped with magazines is uncomfortable or unnecessary (in hot weather or at a shooting range). The chestrigs were invented to solve these problems.

   The Wartech TV-101 "Nomad" includes 4 pouches for AK or STANAG mags, 2 pouches for a pistol magazine (or a flashlight and a multitool), a pouch for a radio or a grenade, and the administrative pouch on the right. Also included is a removable utility waist pouch.

   The chestrig is compact and lightweight, the design of the straps does not conflict with the straps of a backpack or a warbelt, which makes it extremely pleasant to wear. Thanks to the fastex usage “Nomad” can be mounted on a bulletproof vest or combined with some backpacks.

1. Universality and comfort in use.
2. Durable fabric and garment accessories.
3. Small weight and size.
4. Roomy pouches.

Fabric: Korean Kodra 500D (OD, Black, CB, Multicam, Moss); Belarus Mogotex 500D(EMR).
Straps: Nylon 100%.
Furniture: Acetal.

Weight: 700 gram