Plate Carrier TV-102 "SBS"

Manufacturer: Wartech
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available



   The body armor effectively protects the torso, but in some circumstances it is too heavy and bulky to perform active movements. Moreover, in case of injury or armor element destruction, the vest may need to be removed as soon as possible, which is difficult for most of them.

   These problems are solved in SBS TV-102 by Wartech — a lightweight plate carrier which doesn't constrain movements. This plate carrier can be used with SAPI, 6B45, Corundum and Granite plates. You can install armor plates or Kevlar in the cummerbund.

   The hallmark of the vest is the use of ROC accessories. It is a new step in quick-release technology, as it allows the vest to be disassembled into several parts and quickly reassembled. This system also makes it easier to put the plate carrier on.

1. Convenient quick-release system.
2. No kangaroo magazine pouch.
3. High quality fabric and accessories.
4. Can be used with different armor plates.

Fabric : 500D Kodra Korea (olive, Black, Coyote, Cartoons, Moss) Mogotex Cordon 500D (Ciprofar)
Sling : 100% Nylon
Hardware : Acetal

Weight: 1,5 kg