Quick-Release Pouch "AIM" UP-106

Manufacturer: Wartech
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Every second counts in combat and time is a crucial factor when you give first aid. Operators must drill first aid technique perfectly, but in addition to their skills, equipment plays an equally important role. Properly chosen gear may save live by simplifying your movements.

   The first-aid kit pouch is designed to carry an individual first-aid kit with all the necessary components on a bulletproof vest, MOLLE vest or warbelt. It allows you to place the most important medicaments and tools for giving first aid. The pouch has an organizer that allows you to use it as a utility pouch.

   Due to its compact size, the pouch can be placed anywhere on the equipment. The ability to detach it lets you to hold the pouch in your hands or to throw it to your comrade.

1. You can reach it easily.
2. Can be thrown to a wounded comrade.
3. Very convenient to use.
4. Rooms everything you need.

Fabric: Kodra 500D Korea (Olive, Black, Coyote, Multicam, Moss) Mogotex 500D Belarus (Digital Flora)
Strap: 100% Nylon
Furniture: Acetal

Weight: 180