Tactical Stock "PT-5"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: 2
Stock Status: Available



   Experienced shooters use custom parts to improve the ergonomics of their weapons. AK assault rifles that use 7,62x39 ammo have strong recoil which is hard to compensate.

   PT-5 telescopic folding stock by "Zenitco" is designed specifically for the AKM. This buttstock solves the main problem — the difficulty of barrel’s movements control when shooting. PT-5 helps to noticeably increase the accuracy of fire comparing to the standard stock.

   The butt has a wide recoil pad, which makes shooting with AKM ultra comfortable. The stock itself can be adjusted in three parameters - length, cheekpiece height and recoil pad height. You don't need any tools to adjust them.

1. Can be adapted to any shooter.
2. Simple adjustment system.
3. Has excellent ergonomics.
4. Free E-packet shipping (10-30 days) included. This products cannot be shipped with DHL.

Alloy D16T + Steel.

Weight: 660 gram