Universal Holster "Slot" Molle Minus

Manufacturer: East Military
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   In some situations the primary weapon can be empty or inconvenient to use so you have to use a pistol. At such times, the speed with which you will reach a secondary weapon matters, so you better pay more attention to choosing a holster. A holster must be convenient and usable and pistol must be held firmly, but easy to grab.

   East Military presents "Slot" universal pistol holster. This inexpensive and minimalistic holster fits any pistol model holding it with a Velcro and stretching strap. Elastic cord provides easy and fast access to the pistol (just like a fast mag pouch).

   On the outside holster also has the newest Minus MOLLE to carry additional gear. The holster is available in many colors and it is a great choice if you need a simple, but effective holster.

1. Simple and trustworthy.
2. Affordable price.
3. Adjusts to any pistol.

Fabric: Kordon 500

Weight: 95 gram