Panama "Price"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
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   Choosing a headwear is an important task, especially when there is so many types of it. In hot weather on rough terrain you will need something light and breathable. The soldier's head needs to be protected from the sun and be camouflaged. Among other things, bright sunlight can interfere your vision.

   So, special forces operators prefer to wear boonie hats for many years. "Price" boonie from Mordor Tac shows a special approach to wearing comfort. It has mesh inserts Instead of the usual ventilation holes on the sides. Theirs effectiveness is especially noticeable in hot weather. The hat also has a universal size and is adjustable in width with an elastic cord. Medium width flats protect your eyes from the sunlight and don’t hinder during active movements.

   A significant advantage of this boonie is that it has loops to place camouflage elements — artificial or real foliage and branches. In addition the hat is produced in a large choice of colors. And do not forget about the brand identity of the hat — its name, which came from the legendary boonie hat lover captain Price from Call of Duty.

1. The best headwear in the heat.
2. Provides excellent camouflage.
3. Universal size.
4. Available in a large variety of colors.
5. OPEN THE DOORS! Check your corners! Check those corners!

Fabric: 35% Cotton 65% Polyester

Weight: 65 gram