Pants "Military Boxers"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: pants
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    People with active lifestyle and do sport very often face the problem of choosing the suitable underwear. Standard underwear is often not very skin-friendly, too tight, unreliable and wicks moisture poorly and this is uncomfortable in movements.

    Mordor Tac. developed special underwear for military and athletes. These boxers are made of durable and elastic fabric that doesn't tear and lose shape. The most important features of the boxers are that they excellently wick moisture from the body and don't absorb sweat's smell.

    These boxers have flat seams and a wide elastic band that don't rub during long sport activities, which provides high comfort of wearing.

1. Wide elastic band and flat seams prevent rubbing.                             
2. Durable and skin-friendly fabric.
3. Anatomical shape perfect for sports.
4. Don't absorb sweat's smell.
5. Camo patterns.

100% Cotton

Weight: 80 gram