Combat Trousers "Barchan"

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: trousers
Stock Status: Available

$127 $150


    Modern combat uniform should combine such qualities as functionality, comfort, reliability and simplicity. Many BDU suits have been developed, but special tasks require the use of special equipment. Regular BDU trousers aren’t always functional and comfortable enough, which doesn’t satisfy SF soldiers.

    “Barchan” combat pants from BTK Group are an analog of the beloved G3 Crye Precision trousers, but adapted to the needs of the CRRF soldiers. The pants are designed for active use in very hot climates.

    Unlike regular BDU pants, they have excellent ventilation and ergonomics. Elastic fabric is hygienic, pants are treated with mosquito repellent and have eight functional pockets. The increased cotton content in the fabric has improves wearing comfort and the integrated adjustable knee protection doesn’t slip. Also there is an additional layer of fabric in the seating area.

1. Suitable for hot weather.
2. Designed for ODKB units.
3. Unique desert camouflage.
4. Hygienic fabric.
5. You can use them with Integrated kneepads (they are not included).                    

Cotton 58%, polyester 40%, elastane 3%

Weight: 1000 gram