Pouch for NVG "Lun"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: Pouch
Stock Status: Available



   The night time combat involves the use of NVG. These devices provide a huge advantage in battle, but have high price, so you should worry about the transportation of the expensive equipment.

   Gear Craft has developed special "Lun" pouches for carrying an NVG. The pouch is large, which allows you to place any NVG in it, the internal compartment has a partition, which allows you to separately carry the NVG and additional accessories for it.

   The fastex of the pouch is additionally covered with an elastic band to prevent the unintentional opening. There are two MOLLE slings at the back for placement on your equipment.

1. Necessary for the NVG owner.
2. Won't open by itself.
3. Two internal compartments.

Fabric: Cordura 500D

Weight: 130 gram