Tactical T-shirt "Instructor"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: t-shirt
Stock Status: Available



   Fighting in hot weather has some discomfort. Wearing a jacket at a high temperature is too hot, and a combat shirt may be unnecessary for some tasks such as practical shooting or physical training.

   T-shirt "Instructor" from Mordor Tac. is a great choice for hot weather. The T-shirt is entirely made of lightweight and breathable knitwear that stretches perfectly and doen’t constrain movements. The cut of the T-shirt is also comfortable and ergonomic. There are velcro panels on the sleeves for attaching chevrons and patches.

   The t-shirt has a concise design and is perfect for both shooting training, sports and everyday wear. Like other Mordor Tac. products this t-shirt has a wide range of patterns and many sizes.

1. A great choice for hot weather.
2. Soft and breathable.
3. Doesn’t constrain movements at all.
4. Velcro for patches.
5. Large selection of sizes.
6. Used by different Russian security services’ and private military companies’ instructors.

Fabric: Cotton 92%, Elastane 8%, penye (Turkey).

Weight: 155 gram