AK forend kit "Sport"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Your effectiveness as a combat unit depends on your shooting accuracy. According to many circumstances, the shooting technique changes, but there are two things that always remain the same — your skills should be high and the weapon must be as convenient as possible. But sometimes the weapon in a standard body doesn’t satisfy the shooters with its behavior when shooting.

   Zenitco company has developed a special Sport kit for AK-74M assault rifle and its modifications. The kit is represented by two sets: Sport-1 (includes the foregrip B-10L, the upper bracket B-31L, the lower bracket DL-1) and Sport-4 (includes the fore-end B-10L, the upper bracket B-31LV, the lower bracket DL-1AK). This fore-end significantly improves the ergonomics of the weapon and also allows you to install additional equipment using the RIS rail on the upper bracket. On the sides and bottom there are holes for installing six RIS rails.

   The fore-end has no unnecessary details and can be equipped for the needs of the owner. Also it has an incredibly light weight and extra durability. All this makes it as practical and convenient in handling weapons as possible. It copes with barrel cooling well and, despite its light weight, is highly reliable.

1. Excellent ergonomics.
2. You place RIS rails where you need.
3. Extremely light weight.
4. Designed for Cyma & LCT models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.


Weight: 325 gram