M-Lock Forend for AK "Hort"

Manufacturer: Armacon
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Your effectiveness as a combat unit depends on your shooting accuracy. According to many circumstances, the shooting technique changes, but there are two things that always remain the same — your skills should be high and the weapon must be as convenient as possible. But sometimes the weapon in a standard body doesn’t satisfy the shooters with its behavior when shooting.

   “Hort“ fore-end was developed by Armacon specially for weapons on the AK basis. This fore-end is characterized by high ergonomics and ease of handling, lightweight, excellent barrel cooling and easy mount.

   The fore-end has lots of M-Lok accessory attachment cells, two slots for a QD swivel and is presented in two versions (long and short). Made of the highest quality materials.

1. High ergonomics.
2. Very lightweight.
3. M-Lok interface.
4. Two length options.
5. Can be adjust for AEG.



360 gram - L
300 gram - M