Weapon Flashlight "Klesh-1 Neo"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



“Klesh-1” flashlight is a new generation Zenitco flashlight , which was presented in early 2020. It’s main difference is use of new micro schemes, which allowed to make flashlights smaller and increase their brightness significantly.

“Klesh-1” flashlight is a multifunctional flashlight, that suits both assault rifles and pistols due to the small size and light weight.

It has to control buttons on both sides and a remote button. Due to a unique technology used, the flashlight remains extremely bright even when the battery is low.

It is worth saying to be the best flashlight on the market right now because of its characteristics: brightness, reliability, weight and size. The only weak side is that it doesn’t have a laser sight.

1. Fits ALL pistol and assault rifles models.
2. Brightness doesn’t depend on the battery charge.
3. Two buttons(short time off and on/off), doubled on both sides.
4. Stroboscope mode.
5. Extremely reliable.
6. Free E-packet shipping (10-30 days) included. This products cannot be shipped with DHL.

Weight: 200 gram