Warbelt with Suspenders "Module Monolith"

Manufacturer: NPO SM
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



   The warbelts are proven to be one of the most convenient platform for placing any kind of equipment, since the trouser belts to the harness and warbelts they are in usage in different troops and branches, cause they allow to bear the ammunition and any other kind of additional equipment without overloading a soldier with the high mobility level.

   NPO SM Warbelt is operation in RusGuard troops, has anatomic construction , doesn`t slip and has a lot of MOLLE cells to place anything you need.

  The warbelt supply kit also includes shoulder straps and inner belt.

1. Durable warbelt.
2. Anatomic construction.
3. Doesn`t lock movements.
4. Shoulder straps are included.

Cordura 1000D, Nylon 100%.

Weight: 450 gram