Goggles Cover "Veko M"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: cover
Stock Status: Available



   Ballistic goggles protect soldier`s eyes during the march embarked at combat vehicles or even from the small fragments, but they`re not worn at face always, that`s why they must be in special cover.

   Veko M cover is designed for ballistic goggles protection during the transporting or wearing at equipment and protects the lense from mechanic damages and doesn`t allow them to flare at sun.

   Veko M may cover any kind of ballistic protection goggles of different form-factor and has inner pocket with cleaning rag inside.

1. Made in different colors.
2. May be fixed on velcro.
3. Cleaning rag is included.
4. The closing flapper is made with avoiding of lense damages.
5. The cover protects the lenses from damages.

Janus NYCO - 51% cotton, 49% polyamide.

Weight: 30 gram