Bodyarmor "A-18 Scanda"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: vest
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   A creation of modern personal protection gear and other military equipment depends on experience of those who use it in the field. Body armor was developed in 2018 and based on exactly such kind of experience.

   Body armor A-18 Skanda is a mid-sized modular vest with an original construction by Ars Arma. It protects 25% larger body area than an ordinary plate carrier. A construction enables installation of different plates: GRANIT 2/3, SAPI/E-SAPI M/L, Special force NPO class, Fort technology Goplit/Gladiator, steel plates by Kirasa, plates by Atlas, israeli and chinese ceramics SAPI type. A body armor can be supplemented by special modules like shoulder, throat or groin protection, chest modules AVS and KAP of any type. A double-sided cable quick release buckle is a specific advantage.

   It's convenience is highly appreciated by not only soldiers of Russian Army, but also by private military companies.

1. Small weight.
2. Double-sided quick release buckle.
3. Telescopic evacuation handle.
4. Big administrative pocket.

Original Cordura 1000D.

Weight: 1180 gram