Bodyarmor "Archangel"

Manufacturer: FILLIN
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available

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   Body armor is the most important part of a gear! It protects vital organs out of mechanical damage, shrapnel and gunshot wounds. The more area of protection, the less likelihood of severe injures.

   "Arhangel" has a bigger protection area, can be used with Granit-5A or SAPI plates and other special inserts. It has molle-minus interface to attach pouches and ammunition. Due to this "Arhangel" remains the weight and modularity. It's stuffed with ROC furniture, which is enable getting it on and off easily or take it off urgently.

   This body armor combines futuristic design and high usability, moreover it is compatible with various vest modules.

1. Fabric with IK remission.
2. Molle perforation (FILLIN development).
3. Modularity.
4. ROC furniture.
5. Large protection area.

Cordura 1000D

Weight: 1600 gram