First Aid Kit "Ai-1"

Manufacturer: Russia
Product Code: pouch
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    First aid kits are an indispensable thing during combat operations. One small shard flying into the leg can lead to blood loss, which can lead to death.

    Each soldier is provided with individual first aid equipment. It includes the most necessary medications, such as bandages, tourniquets, plasters, in order to provide first aid during the battle.

    This first aid kit "AI-1", created just for such purposes. It includes the most necessary medicaments, while it is light, takes up very little space.

Tourniquet - 1 piece.
    2. Antiseptic wipes - 6 pieces.
    3. Gauze bandage - 1 PC.
    4. IPP.
    5. A set of plasters

1. Includes everything you need.
2. Light and compact.
3. Can be placed on a bodyarmor or vest.                            
4. Russian Army Issued.

Mogotex 500D

Weight: 215 gram