Tactical T-shirt "Operative"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: T-shirt
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   A tunic or combat shirt is certainly necessary and practical things, but for sports events or just for hot weather outside of the performance of combat missions, there is nothing better than a light T-shirt!

   The "Operative" T-shirt is a classic T-shirt with a wide neckline, but with the symbols of a specific unit and velcro panels on the sleeves for installing insignia such as patches.
   The "Operative" T-shirt has a comfortable, practical cut made of light and high-quality material, thanks to which you will literally not feel the T-shirt on yourself during any classes.

1. High-quality prints.
2. On the chest there is an emblem of a certain unit, or its name.
3. Perfect for summer, sporting events, and wearing under a combat uniform.
4. Velcro panels on the sleeves for patches.
5. Used by employees of various law enforcement agencies of Russia.

Fabric: Cotton 92%, Elastane 8%, penye (Turkey).

Weight: 115 gram