Kiver RSP

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
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   Modern age has brought a lot of changes to the tactics of warfare. There is a lot of new equipment designed for use by soldiers. New challenges made it necessary to upgrade current gear to a higher level of functionality.

   Gear Craft produces replicas of the "Kiver" RSP helmets designed for the FSB and other special forces. This helmet has increased functionality due to the rail for placing additional equipment, as well as an NVG mount. In addition, the helmet has a large area of protection, which makes it an excellent choice for fighting indoors and in urban areas. This replica exactly copies the look of a real helmet, but DOES NOT have protective features.

   This helmet is actively used by various special forces of the Russian Federation, including FSB special forces, which makes this replica an excellent choice for re-enactors. Also, a distinctive feature of the helmet is a very convenient suspension system.

1. Multifunctional FSB helmet.
2. A precise replica of the original helmet.
3. Convenient suspension system.


Weight: 2kg