Backpack "Attack 2" 60L

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: backpack
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   "Attack 2" is a significant word for Special Forces! This raiding backpack needs no introduction and there is a reason. "Attack 2" was used by Russian soldiers almost in all modern military conflicts ranging from the North Caucasus to Syria.

   Backpack "Attack 2" has three capacious compartments for the big amount of equipment like change of cloth, ammo, sleeping bag and a tent.

   The bag has three compartments: two side utility and a main big one, which can be divided in two parts by a baffle. It has a valve with additional compartments, a pouch for the food ration and a section for the MPL. A backpack has a volume back with ventilating mesh and a removable belt for the weight distribution to hips. The volume of a backpack is 60 litres.

1. 60-litres volume.
2. Big amount of compartments for the camp equipment, provision and BP.
3. Ergonomic back and a belt.
4. Shoulder straps with a quick dumping.

Cordura 1000D.

Weight: 2800 gram