Army Bodyarmor 6B23-1

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Airsoft replica of 6b23-1 bodyarmor. Including cover and soft armour. NOT REAL! NO ANY DEFENCE!

6B23 (romanized from 6Б23) is a modern Russian body armor.

It is the successor of 6B13 and part of the Barmica system.6B23 was introduced in the early 2000's meant to replace the 6B13 body armor in the Barmica system. It was meant to be introduced in all branches of the armed forces but do to slowness in adoption it has primarily reached VDV, Naval Infantry and SPECNAZ units. It is meant to be replaced by the next generation equipment system Ratnik (Warrior) which is said to be 8-10 times more effective in it's protection. The Ratnik system is meant to go into production as early as 2010.In the class of NPP in 2003 developed a general military body armor, adopted in 2004 to supply the designation 6B23.Body armor consists of a 2-sections (chest and back). Between them they are connected among themselves by means of slots in the shoulder area and the outer part of the belt clip and a flapper valve on the belt. Between the layers of shielding are pockets, which can be located in the fabric, iron, or a clay bar. Body armor has a collar to protect the neck. Belt clip on the side of having a protective screens that protect the sides.

The inside of the sections has a ventilation-damping system in the form of vertical stripes polyethylene foam provides a reduced contusion (zapregradnogo) effects as well podzhiletnogo ventilation space. This vest can be combined with traffic vest 6SH104 ili6Sh92.Body armor can be equipped with armor plates of different levels of protection. Breast — 2nd level of protection (tissue), 3 levels of protection (iron), 4 levels of protection (clay). Dorsal — iron or tissue.Depending on the type of armor plates weight of body armor varies. Body armor, protection class 2 having chest and back, weighs 3.6 kg, with a protection class of 3 chest and back 2 class — about 7.4 kg, with a protection class of 4 chest and back 2 class — 6.5 kg, with a class 4 thorax and Grade 3 back — 10.2 kg.6B23 body armor was so successful design that the Defense Ministry has taken it as a primary means of personal body armor for personnel of the combat units of the Navy Marine Corps, Navy, SW, etc. But rearmament of the Russian army, as usual, comes slowly and the troops get new body armor in limited quantities. As in the past have value in the supply of special forces, Marines, Navy.The subsequent step of development is the development and implementation of a basic set of personal equipment "Warrior," which effectively "Barmitsa" 8-10 times.

Universal size. One size fits all (from 44 till 62 sizes)