Army Radio Pouch "Azart"

Manufacturer: Techincom
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Information exchange is the most important tactical component. Operators and units need to inform each other about the enemy movements, call in the fires and etc. All this requires a constant established radio communication. So there is a question — how to place a radio station on the equipment of each fighter to ensure maximum convenience.

   This pouch is intended for use with the radio station "Azart", or any similar in size. The pouch has an open top, fastens with a fastex, and there are flaps on the sides for installing a radio-equipped headset.

   The "Azart" pouch is perfect for using walkie-talkies with an enlarged battery.

1. There are flaps for installing the headset and tangents.
2. Relevant for large-size radio.
3. Included in a "Ratnik" gear.

Fabric: Cordura 1000D (Olive Drab), Mogotex (Flora VSR-98), Baltex Cordon 500PU (Digital Flora EMR Leto).

Weight: 200 gram