Suit Gorka DC-4 "Paratrooper"

Manufacturer: ANA
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available


This suit is remade version of Gorka Suit. What was remade? Now it's used more modern fabric (not full tarpaulin), and now it's produced in different colors! 

But in all other it's legendary, like AK-47, Vodka and T-34 Gorka suit. Thick, durable fabric, "canadian" buttons, hood - all same here. Also this suit provide much better wind and water proof, than standard Gorka Suit. It was created for Special Paratrooper divisions, that's why it's received name "Paratrooper". Main analog of this suit - British SAS Smog suit.

Another good feature of this suit, that it's adjustable, and you can adjust for you figure, so, it will fit you perfect! And of course it's provide better, than standard Gorka suit freedom of movement. 

Great choice, when you need demiseason Gorka in different colors.


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