Warbelt "Azimut"

Manufacturer: Azimut SS
Product Code: belt
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   Belts throughout history have shown themselves to be one of the most convenient platforms for carrying equipment. Starting from the sword belt and ending with the LBE and warbelt, they were actively used in various branches of the armed forces because they allow carrying ammunition and other elements of equipment without overloading the soldier and ensuring good mobility.

   Warbelt by Azimut SS company is perfect for beginner airsoft players. The belt has MOLLE webs, two double open pouches for shops, a pouch for a radio, 2 for grenades and a utility pouch. Made from inexpensive and affordable materials.

   The belt also has an easily adjustable belt and a 3D mesh inside.

1. Affordable warbelt.
2. Minimalistic design.
3. Pouches included.
4. A great choice for a beginner.

Oxford 500D.

Weight: 730 gram