Soviet soldiers in the first clashes with the Mujahideen found that the Afghans were armed with the same Kalashnikov assault rifle, but Chinese-made, often an Afghan armed with such a gun wore a "Chicom" vest, which the Soviet military appreciated well and began to use along with regular equipment. Sometimes this chestrig was jokingly called a "Lifchik"(Bra) because it was also worn on the chest.   

The "Chikom" chestrig has 3 closed pouches for one AKM/AK-74 magazine, 3 pouches for hand grenades and 1 pouch for an oilcan are located on the sides, the chestrig has simple adjustable shoulder straps.   

Chestrig is a replica with fully preserved functionality of the original, perfect not only for use for its intended purpose as a vest for magazines and grenades, but also for the reconstruction of the Vietnam and Afghan War.


  • Tent 260 g/sq.m
  • Metal half-rings, Wooden fasteners
  • LRL - 20mm cotton

Chestrig "Chicom"



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