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Payment Problem since 09 March 2022

Hello, everyone! Currently we have a problems with accepting payments outside of Russian Federation. In this F.A.Q. we will tell you about it.

Updated: 06 May 2022

Q: Do you accept Visa & Mastercard?
A: Yes. We accept it, our processing service placed not in Russia.

Q: Do you accept American Express, Discovery and etc?
A: Nope, currently only Visa and Mastercard 

Q: There are two payment types in checkout - Paybox and Wooppay. What does it mean?

A: It's two different processing services. We asking you to use Paybox, but in some cases it can show you an error and doesn't work with some countries. If it happened - use Wooppay, it's working without any problem.

Q: I had a problem with payment in past. Do you resolved problem?
A: Yes. Use Wooppay payment method, it must work for you much better, than Paybox before.

Q: Do you accept Paypal?
A: Yes, but PLEASE try to pay with card firstly. Paypal is EXTREMELY difficult to use for us. We will get monies after ~35 days and will pay more than 10% to accept your payment. If you still want to us it, or cards doesn't work for you, write to us -

Q: How can i support you?
A: Just keep ordering from website through. We know, it's difficult now, but we want to keep alive during this crisis and don't want to fire anyone from our workers, they have families and we will try to continue working and try to resolve this situation, but it's really difficult now =(

Q: I have problem with payment, that doesn't added in this guide, what can i do?
A: Write to us -

Q: What does it mean? I don't understand!

A: It's happens sometimes with US and Canadian cards, that doesn't have 3ds security codes. It's code, that our bank request to be sure, that it's not fraud transaction. Usually it's six digital code, you can call to your bank and ask for "Approval code". It's needed only once, after it, it will works without codes. 

Q: Send me a guide how to pay with

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