The non–flammable "Vasilisk" balaclava is an accessory to protect the face, neck and shoulders from the effects of molten upper layers and open flames.

The balaclava is made of fire-resistant knitwear "Thermoshild KPRO". When exposed to flame, a protective charred film is formed on the fabric, which protects the user's skin from burns of the 2nd and 3rd degrees. When boiling from exposure to high temperatures of the upper layers of clothing and equipment, the resulting mass adheres to the underwear, not the skin. The fire-resistant properties are stable and can withstand up to 200 washes.

The "Vasilisk" balaclava is durable and elastic, does not obstruct the user's breathing and does not irritate the skin. The balaclava has a universal size and can be used with an open or closed face or as a scarf or buff.


  • Cotton 100%

Non-flammable balaclava "Vasilisk"


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