"Osen-R" is a limited line of combat trousers and Saratov shirts made of mixed fabric "Ratnik" (Tchaikovsky textiles) in the colors KMD 6sh122 Ratnik.

The Osen-R retains the advantages of the original Saratov kit: elastic sections provide maximum mobility and ventilation, 3D knee, roomy pockets, the ability to adjust to the individual characteristics of the user on trousers and torso made of moisture-wicking antibacterial Python jersey, high strength and breathability of the SARatov combat shirt. Camouflage is effective in spring, summer and autumn in forest and forest-steppe areas.

The kits will be available in sizes: 48-50/3-4, 52-54/3-4, 48-50/5-7 then 52-54/5-7, 56-58/3-4, 56-58/5-7, 44-46/3-4 during the autumn period of 2023.


  • Main Fabric: 35% Viscose / 65% Polyester Tchaikovsky Textile (Russia)
  • Torso fabric: "Python" 97% polyester 3% elastane BTK-Textile ® (Russia)
  • Zippers: 100% Polyacetal Special Kit ® (Russia)
  • Slings: 100% Polyamide AO Lenta ® (Russia)
  • Contact tape: Nylon (polyamide) 100% VELCRO ® (Belgium)

Combat suit "Osen-R"


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