A bulletproof vest is an important piece of equipment for airsoft and other military tactical games, but for comfortable wearing and a decent appearance, it must be equipped with inserts. At the same time, armor plates and kevlar packages are heavy in weight and ballistic protection is excessive for these purposes.

The Mordor Tac. company produces high-quality imitations of different types of armor plates and armor packages made of EVA. This is a lightweight, flexible, elastic and waterproof polymer material that allows you to give the body armor the right appearance without overloading your back and shoulders.

A set of Eva inserts for "Uruk-hai" is easily installed in the vest, takes its shape and effectively holds it. EVA material has good shock-absorbing properties, which increases the comfort and protection of the user when using inserts in military tactical games.

Weight: 340 grams.

Dimensions: 380 x 315 x 40 mm (Length x Width x Thickness).


  • EVA 100%

Eva insertion "Uruk-Hai"


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