In combat conditions and operational work, where rapid identification of the parties is required, "Friend-Foe" patches are usually used. Signal reflective patches are used in daylight conditions, and light accumulating patches with limited visibility or lack of lighting, which forces you to have two types of patches in your equipment. 

To solve this problem, Mordor Tac. has developed a "Day-Night" patch. The patch differs from others in its versatility, which ensures its visibility both in daylight conditions, due to the effect of light reflection, and in the absence of lighting, or in conditions of limited visibility, its visibility is provided by a light-accumulating effect. This patch will be distinguishable from a long distance during the day and will glow brightly with a similar color at night, or in a darkened room.   

The "Day-Night" patch material has a high coefficient of light reflection and at the same time the effect of phosphorescence, i.e. glow in the dark. The patch is made by the hot-glue method and has no stitches. A high-quality nylon hook provides a secure fit and a low profile patch.

Size: 25x25 mm.


  • Light-photoluminescent tape
  • Plastic extruded hook 100% polyamide

Identification Patch "Day-Night S"


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