The bright sun is a serious hindrance for the shooter. Of course, you can wear dark glasses, but they darken everything around you, which negatively affects visibility. They also fog up if you are actively moving. In addition, no glasses will protect you from overheating, wind or rain. To solve this problem, you need a suitable headdress.

The “Gaz” baseball cap from Mordor Tac is a classic baseball cap, but with an advanced tactical design that allows you to place various patches on it!

On the baseball front there are two strips of Velcro 50×80 mm for ACU flag type, 40x60mm for VKBO flag type at the back and Velcro 25x25 mm on the top. The cap is adjustable to fit the head.


  • "Janus" 51% cotton, 49% nylon (polyamide) Baltex ® (Russia)

Tactical baseball cap "Gaz"


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