OPS Core Cover "Spec" is designed for the Ops Core helmet. It covers the entire area of the helmet, convenient Velcro panels are placed on all sides for installing patches, insignia, light-saving tags, IR beacons, etc.

To install the helmet cover, it is necessary to remove the side rails from the helmet, if necessary, make holes yourself according to the features of your helmet. After installing the cover, the rails are mounted in their places and screwed through special holes in the cover. Thanks to this arrangement, the case covers all parts of the helmet and is securely fixed on it.


  • "Janus" 51% cotton, 49% nylon (polyamide) Baltex ® (Russia)
  • 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)
  • Polyester, latex 100% AO Lenta (Russia)
  • 100% Polyamide AO Lenta® (Russia)

OPS Core Cover "Spec"


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