Visored helmet Cover "Address" is designed for Altyn, K6-3, Lynx assault helmets and their replicas. The case provides the helmet with additional functionality, camouflage properties, protection from adverse weather conditions and minor damage. There are holes on the case for visor fasteners and retainers, as well as for radio accessories.

The "Address" covers the entire area of the helmet, on all sides there are convenient minimalistic Velcro panels for installing patches, insignia, light-saving tags, IR beacons, etc. There are hinges on the back of the case for fixing ballistic glasses.

The case is adjustable at the back of the head with an elastic cord and a lock. It is functional, made of durable Janus fabric and has high-quality fittings.


  • "Janus" 51% cotton, 49% nylon (polyamide) Baltex ® (Russia)
  • 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium)
  • 100% AO Lenta polyester (Russia)
  • Polyester, latex 100% AO Lenta (Russia)

Visored helmet Cover "Address"


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