In any terrain, be it mountains or jungles, camouflage is a factor that directly affects the successful completion of a combat mission, especially when scouting the terrain and organizing ambushes. Previously, snipers and scouts themselves made camouflage hats and capes, weaving foliage and branches into them, but the company Mordor Tac. simplified this task.

Panama "Hanoi" is sheathed with special camouflage textile leaves that break the silhouette of the head, while their presence does not exclude the possibility of installing additional camouflage in special loops. Panama has mesh inserts that are extremely effective for normalizing heat exchange at high ambient temperatures. The panama hat has a universal size and is adjusted according to the circumference of the head with an elastic cord. Fields of medium width protect from sunlight and do not interfere with active actions.

Panama is made in a variety of colors from light, durable, quick-drying and breathable fabric, it is perfect in addition to a camouflage and any other equipment.


  • Viscose/Cotton 35%, Polyester 65%

Masking panama "Hanoi"


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