During combat operations, a fighter needs to have food and water, additional ammunition, a change of underwear and various equipment with him. Such property does not require quick access, therefore, it can be placed on the belt or back. Classic backpacks are too large for such a task, and crumb pouches are not always convenient. For these purposes, the company Mordor Tac. has developed a minimap backpack "Grogu".

Minimap "Grogu" is a rectangular, vertical pouch that is installed on the Molle interface using ZIP adapters, thanks to which the pouch can be quickly removed from the armor or vest, and just as quickly return it back. A Molle interface and a velcro panel for placing identifiers and patches are provided on the outer surfaces of the pouch.

The pouch has a volume of 6.5 liters, has two compartments closed with a YKK zipper. The main compartment has a large volume and a pocket made of carrier mesh with a protected window for the output of the hydrator hose or wires. The second compartment is utilitarian, inside which you can place batteries for a radio station or other accessories.

Weight: 390 grams.

Dimensions: 310 x 220 x 110 mm (Length x Width x Height).


  • Moss, Olive, Black, Coyote, Digital Flora - Cordon Prime 1000D Nylon 6.6 100% Baltex® (Russia). Multicam - Nylon 1000D 6.0 100% (South Korea). Black Multicam - Nylon 500D 6.0 100% (South Korea)
  • Arta® zipper (Латвия)

Minimap Pouch "Grogu" 6.5L


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